Curatorial | Exhibition Services




Producing curatorial projects, developing related programming, educating all ages, and managing creative projects are great passions of mine.  I have extensive curatorial and exhibition services experience with a breadth of creative contexts and materials (from traditional textiles to high-tech multi-media installations) that equips me to bring your creative project to life with the greatest attention to detail and inspired aesthetic excellence.

- CURATORIAL SERVICES FOR HIRE | corporate and private artwork acquisitions, exhibition and program design, installation, collection management, and more.

- CUSTOMIZED WORKSHOPS | private or public creativity workshops for your staff, public institution, etc.

- ARTWORK PURCHASES & COMMISSIONS | ecology-based artwork (both mine and work by other artists).

- YOUR ARTWORK | if you are an artist working integrally with ideas and materials addressing ecology, sustainability, and the like, I may be able to include your work in a curatorial project.

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