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Extreme Force

Extreme Force, Active Ingredients: Used-Motor-Oil & Dirt, 60” h x 144” w, (c) 2014

Originally created for exhibition at the Gallery of Contemporary Art, Extreme Force is a powerful, large-scale commentary painting that speaks to the extraordinary relationships between past-present-future, global-local, and human-nature-survival. 

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Destroyer of Worlds

Holly Parker, Destroyer of Worlds, Video, Time Variable, (c) 2006 - 2014

Holly Parker's painting Extreme Force was originally accompanied by a multi-media projection titled Destroyer of Worlds which used vintage, iconic video footage of a farm crop of trees being blasted with nuclear shock waves. 

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Caged Bird Sings


Caged Bird Sings represents a personal dichotomy of existence simultaneously defined by great freedom and ease versus great limitation and challenge.

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Various WMD Sculpture w/ X-Ray


Now available as individual sets, these utterly unique "WMDs" are inspired by the ACME bombs used by Wiley Coyote and the Road Runner cartoons of my childhood. Each sculpture is created from Used Motor Oil and Dirt, and includes an Xray photograph that reveals its embedded object(s). Numerous sets available.

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Before the Mountain


Before the Mountain is inspired by the natural and geological activities that existed before Pikes Peak came into being. As a triptych comprised of three horizontal panels (each 12”h x 36”w) each represents a sort of strata of the prehistoric, natural world in the Pikes Peak region.

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Roman Buses I - VIII


The pieces in this 8-piece suite were made in Rome at the Piazzale dei Partigiani bus exchange while bus drivers and passengers watched over me to ensure buses neither ran me over or covered up the good goop in this temporary urban studio.

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